Welcome to the Arizona Rock Art Coalition Web site.  We are excited to share helpful rock art worksheets and forms with fellow rock art enthusiasts, students, archaeologists, and historians.


Through this web site, it is hoped that anyone using the forms will contact us via email with suggestions, comments or experiences.


Remember, before recording a site you should have permission from the landowner or manager.



A group of concerned rock art recorders, realized that there were many different rock art recording forms devised and used by many different groups in Arizona.  The forms were also cumbersome and needed to be streamlined.  They were not easily understood and took too much time to complete in the field.  This concerned group met on August 9, 2003 and was named The Arizona Rock Art Coalition.   The members then set out to standardize the recording forms.  Many professionals were involved with the process.  Many wrong paths were taken which always brought the group back to that single goal, to keep the forms from being too complex yet keeping a place for the data important to the land managers.


This Committee realizes that over time, new methods will be devised and these forms will change accordingly.  That is one reason that ARAC's web site was created.  It is hoped that all recorders using the ARAC forms will communicate and network with this site so that these forms can keep up with the times. Let us know about your recording experiences.  This will keep us all in touch with what is happening in rock art recording.  To contact us send an email to bgronemann@aol.comregarding changes or suggestions.




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